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NTT has deep experience in dreamless sector of electronic , Telecom, GSM, Consultancy and Engineering. The Company recently diversified in the field of entire computer software and hardware and related trading. Major activity to provide different types of service related software and hardware like development and modification of all types of platform, enterfacing equipment, telecom tradinf ans services ans best out sourcing of resources for limited period. Since enterprise need are becoming more challenging change is more frequent and project required a variety of skill, we operate cross platform team for complex projects fusing different techgnologies. The company serves its customers at a every project phase, from strategy formulation through design, project management and implementation right through supports and upgrades. We are committed to best practices and professional integrity to ensure we deliver quality .

Work Force

NTT employees are capable, reliable market savvy individuals. We actively foster Innovation amongst our staff through education and professional knowledge bases. We believe IT systems are an engine to achieve our Organization goals and our prof- esional team reflects this. By including industrial engineers and accountants in the teams, with real word system experience and IT traning. We ensure system compatibility to process and goals, not just technological accomplishments. These key personels can understand your business otr organizational needs and bridge the divide separating needs and Technology. .

NTT key personnel have vast exp, in management with wide variety of large scale Accomplishment with both domestic and overseas projects.They have gained most Valuable management skill and expertise required to manage large scale projects and are fully capable of handling most complicated projects in smooth na sprofessonal manners

NTT is a source in it self capable to complete projects with in critical dead lines imposed this is due to vast experiance Through many local and overseas projects accomplishment by our key personel, Engineers and skilled technician in their respective roles along with modern technologies and equipments provided for committed to be achieved.


NTT attributes its success to a well balanced combinations with highly skilled service oriented work force and experienced management Team. Our Professonal`s and manager to create synergetic task force building solutions and transforming customer vision to working reality. The results are evident at large organization and small business alike.we preserve our Core capabilities through carefully controlled sustainable growth and strategic Partnership with technology providers. We should appreciate the opportunity showing You how efficiently you can serve you.

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